Final candidates' forum heats up

Chatsworth Patch:
Story keys on Smith and 2 other challengers putting the top money-raiser's feet to the fire. 
"Lord, Singh and Smith said Englander would be the latest in a line of council members that started with Hal Bernson 24 years ago and continued with Greig Smith, who is retiring after eight years and making way for his “son.”

They say business as usual is crippling the city and responsible for a $50-million budget deficit this year and a projected $350-million deficit next year.
Most of the candidates took umbrage at the fact that council representatives earn $179,000 annually and a chief of staff is paid nearly $150,000 a year, another swipe at Englander."
On why Smith will choose no one in now in City Hall for his staff, the Navy vet said:
"USS Los Angeles has run aground, a long time ago."
This ironic sidenote from the story, Englander laments he's the target of others: “So much for a positive campaign” -- context of such a statement is important, and the irony is told here and noted here.

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