CD12's "smooth-talking insider" takes heat in race

L.A. Times
Quoting Smith making the case for a "a real choice, not a coronation," the story also notes Kelly Lord's point that Englander would be too cozy with developers and includes refutations of by him and his "handlers" of that charge and also the "legacy tag" and his "oozing political privilege." The newspaper cites the facts:

" ... while no incumbent hovers, there is Englander. He is Smith's longtime chief of staff, a savvy, smooth-talking insider whose uncle, Harvey Englander, is a veteran City Hall lobbyist who helped give his nephew his start in politics. 

"Mitch," the candidate's casual campaign handle, is seeking to follow in the footsteps of Smith, who was chief of staff for his predecessor, Hal Bernson.
Politics watcher takes issue with the Times' coverage.
"because a news organization with the reach of the Times was not interested enough to report the biggest story of the CD 12 race."
That "biggest story" is here

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