Region's newspaper covers Smith campaign

Brad Smith was profiled in the Sunday newspaper, and he discussed the major issue in the campaign -- the pattern of development.
Daily News:
"[It] might have been acceptable when the San Fernando Valley was booming. (But) we are all built out, and you should be doing everything you can for the residents."

Leveraging his job into money from Council members

LA Times:
"The only race without an incumbent — the one involving the northwest San Fernando Valley 12th District seat now held by retiring Councilman Greig Smith — might have proved more dramatic, but Smith's top deputy, Mitchell Englander, has netted endorsements from nearly every council member while amassing almost $443,988 in his treasury. His closest opponent has raised $33,915."
Of course, the Times didn't have enough capital letters to spare to name Brad Smith as that "closest opponent" -- a point highlighted by another who also noted:
"To suggest that "the only fireworks in the City Council races" have taken place in CD 14 strikes us as limited at best and disingenuous at worst. There have been in CD 14 is to ignore, for starters, two of my own most widely read item this month: Brad Smith's departure and re-emergence within the CD 12 race, which may have been forced by the Englander campaign's bullying of Smith through actions taken at Smith's workplace. Smith is now on a Leave of Absence from his employer to address his campaign exclusively."

City-wide website posts candidate interviews

The City Maven:

"As parents of four children in public schools in CD 12, my wife Maria and I are especially concerned about public education, and how the schools and municipal government in Los Angeles can work together to maintain safe schools that are assets to the children and communities they serve.
We have heard the same slogans, again and again, from downtown bureaucrats and City Hall insiders, most of whom don’t live in our community, and who make decisions – not based on what is good for our neighborhoods – but what is in the best interest of themselves and the developers with whom they enjoy financial relationship. I can offer real solutions and will work all the time to meet to the real needs of our neighborhoods and residents."
Interview goes on reveal a promise of better use of resources and a stand against developments that are out of character for the neighborhood.

Q&A from Granada Hills community website

Giga Granada Hills:
"Yes, we are in it to win, and we think we can do it through a grass-roots campaign funded through small donations and clean money -- not through a campaign run by and for City Hall insiders, and with hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interests. "
Report includes details of work status and support from Smith's employer.

We can "Win the Future" in Council District 12

Friends and neighbors --
The Jan. 25 meet-up went well; we had a great cross-section of our community, Republicans, Democrats, homeowners, renters, small business people, veterans, all interested in what both President Obama and Rep. Ryan had to say about our nation's future.
"Win the Future" resonates with me; coming from a private sector background in high technology companies, I know there is a tremendous opportunity to build a new manufacturing economy here in the United States centered on sustainable energy and renewable fuels, and if we do not make it happen in Los Angeles, it will happen elsewhere. 
Talking with people across the region, there are deep concerns in the about what kind of economy our country will have in the future, and whether there will be work and careers for our children and grandchildren that will allow them to enjoy the same American dream our parents and grandparents had, and which so many people are struggling to hold on to today.

Candidate videos on website

Giga Granada Hills: 
"...a serious challenger to presumptive front runner Mitchell Englander."

Newspaper slams deception on ballot identification

Daily News:

"For the past seven and a half years, Mitch Englander has reported for work most days at Los Angeles City Hall, where he is chief of staff for Councilman Greig Smith.
It's a demanding job, with long hours and high pressure to meet constituent needs. That's why he's paid $150,000 a year. So it was surprising to see Englander's occupation listed on the March 8 ballot as "Policeman/Councilmember Deputy."
Englander is running to replace his boss as councilman for the 12th District, which stretches from Chatsworth to Granada Hills. But instead of listing his job in the council office as his primary occupation, Englander chose to emphasize his volunteer work as a reserve police officer - a gig that takes 16 hours or more a month."
 Editorial goes on to say candidates ought to stand on their career and not rely upon "artful" wording.

Website tells of pressure to push Smith out of race

"A source has informed street-hassle that several phone calls were made on behalf of Mitch Englander's campaign, including one by the candidate himself and one by consultant John Shallman, as well as emails sent, to several key figures at Brad Smith's employer, Parsons Corp. of Pasadena, including their government relations staff and their CEO, insisting it would be bad for Parsons if Smith were to continue his campaign."
Comments on the site urge the release of more information.

Mayor Sam's Sister City political website notes "strong-arm tactics" against Smith's employer.

Equating oneself with 24/7 officers

 "Mitch Englander who was criticized for claiming on his ballot designation that he is a "policeman" when he is only a volunteer member of the LAPD reserve."

Smith back in race, newspaper "glad to hear it"

LA Weekly:
"It looked as if there might be another District 12 candidate capable of batting against the big boys: Brad Smith.
Smith (not Greig) is a former LA Daily News reporter and current neighborhood councilmember -- which would make for a winning mix of critical savvy and political know-how. He was able to raise almost $25,000 since September, the same increase as Englander in that quarter, ..."
Simone Wilson's Informer entry notes that district's seat has a succession tendency (Hal Bernson, Greig Smith, Mitchell Englander) where "out with the old" just leads to "in with the old deputy."

Candidate forum

Smith and his daughters riding in our local mountains.
Daily News

"Brad Smith would not be topped.
Promising to protect the character of individual neighborhoods, Smith said of his own family: "We're all about horses, as you can imagine. We ride on a regular basis."
Kevin Modesti's story about the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council public Q&A noted that "When the candidates introduced themselves to the audience, Englander emphasized his work as an LAPD reserve officer but didn't mention his staff position at City Hall."

18 months before the primary

Daily News:
"Mitch Englander, chief of staff to City Councilman Greig Smith, took out papers Tuesday to succeed his boss, becoming the first candidate to declare for the 2011 municipal election.  Smith, who could run for another term, has said he will not seek re-election.  Englander, 39, who is a reserve police officer, long has voiced interest in running for the seat."
Reporter Rick Orlov wrote that story in September, 2009.