Leveraging his job into money from Council members

LA Times:
"The only race without an incumbent — the one involving the northwest San Fernando Valley 12th District seat now held by retiring Councilman Greig Smith — might have proved more dramatic, but Smith's top deputy, Mitchell Englander, has netted endorsements from nearly every council member while amassing almost $443,988 in his treasury. His closest opponent has raised $33,915."
Of course, the Times didn't have enough capital letters to spare to name Brad Smith as that "closest opponent" -- a point highlighted by another who also noted:
"To suggest that "the only fireworks in the City Council races" have taken place in CD 14 strikes us as limited at best and disingenuous at worst. There have been in CD 14 is to ignore, for starters, two of my own most widely read item this month: Brad Smith's departure and re-emergence within the CD 12 race, which may have been forced by the Englander campaign's bullying of Smith through actions taken at Smith's workplace. Smith is now on a Leave of Absence from his employer to address his campaign exclusively."