Newspaper slams deception on ballot identification

Daily News:

"For the past seven and a half years, Mitch Englander has reported for work most days at Los Angeles City Hall, where he is chief of staff for Councilman Greig Smith.
It's a demanding job, with long hours and high pressure to meet constituent needs. That's why he's paid $150,000 a year. So it was surprising to see Englander's occupation listed on the March 8 ballot as "Policeman/Councilmember Deputy."
Englander is running to replace his boss as councilman for the 12th District, which stretches from Chatsworth to Granada Hills. But instead of listing his job in the council office as his primary occupation, Englander chose to emphasize his volunteer work as a reserve police officer - a gig that takes 16 hours or more a month."
 Editorial goes on to say candidates ought to stand on their career and not rely upon "artful" wording.

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