Letter to the Editor sets spending priorities

Daily News:

Brad Smith says "Basic services must come first"
"Columnist Doug McIntyre's arguments are on point. The city is willing to sell or lease everything from advertising space in public parks to publicly owned parking garages in a desperate bid to fill this year's $50 to $60 million budget hole. It's worth asking - what is next? At the same time the city was hoping for long-term leases of these facilities, the council approved a deal to provide $50 million in redevelopment funds for improvements in downtown Los Angeles - including a parking facility - tied directly to the proposed Eli Broad museum. Does anyone else see the disconnect?
These funds could be used to assist local government's delivery of services - including for public schools - if the reorganization of California's CRAs proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown goes forward. In the choice between the possible future economic benefit from redevelopment projects and the delivery of basic services today, there can only be one decision."

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